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Alternative Beverage and HBA join
Charlotte homebrew retailer Alternative Beverage has joined with Homebrew Adventures to create the regions largest retail and mail order homebrew supplier.
Click the link above to read the official announcement.
HBA customers, please note the new phone numbers!

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Charlotte Oktoberfest

Ale - No Chat this week!
Sunday Chat - 4/30:
Open Forum

No guest this week. Again, the Chat will be wide open to all Brewing, Winemaking, and Meadmaking discussions. B)

He found a solution in homebrewing. Legalized by President Carter in 1978, homebrewing is the practice of making beer at home. It appeals to many people because it allows brewers to make beer that suits their own tastes.

Fruit in Beers!
Imagine for a moment that Adam had shown some backbone. That when Eve advanced and held out the apple, Adam said, "Thank you, but no." Might not Eve have huddled once more with the serpent and returned saying, "Adam, how about an apple beer?"

From Virtual to Reality...
It was a good day for a homebrew - especially when the homebrews have travelled far and wide to meet at the beer and pizza mecca of Charlotte know as "The Mellow Mushroom." And why would there be such a gathering? To meet the faces behind the icons of our Brewboard, of course! To shake hands, share stories, judge homebrews, and lift a few pints together.

Still longing for island wines...
You can visit vineyards on both the north and south forks of Long Island in the same day. Vineyard to vineyard the trip is only about an hour. But in spite of being a native — or perhaps because of it — I prefer to think of them as separate spaces. They seem to have different characters, the north relaxed and homey, the south seductive and stylish.

Raise a Glass to centuries of dedicated abbey brewers...
To understand Abbey Ales, and how religion and brewing came to exist in such an unexpected and beneficial harmony, one has to journey back to the early days of Christianity and the dawn of the monastic tradition.

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Introducing new HBA wallpaper for your desktop. These exclusive wallpapers will express the true homebrewer in you....

Uruguay seeks a spot on winemaking map
by Charlotte.comAugust 16, 2001: the internet
Look at a world map and it only stands to reason. Uruguay's location, at 30 to 35degrees latitude, is precisely in line with the southern hemisphere's other major wine producers like Chile, Argentina, South Africa and Australia.

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